Our Story

A Legacy of Craftsmanship

Cast your mind back to 1989, the era of mullets, the SS Commodore and proper rock ‘n’ roll. That’s when Tony Saunders established a small workshop dedicated to crafting bespoke timber furniture. Over the years, Acacia Furniture evolved (along with hairstyles and tastes in music). Shifting its focus to producing commercial furniture and joinery for projects throughout Australia. Today, with over three decades of experience, we carry forward the same pride in our work that Tony instilled in the company back in the ‘80s.

Always Innovating

As pioneers of our trade, we forge new paths in furniture craftsmanship. We invest in cutting-edge technology to improve the quality and efficiency of our products. One of our prized assets is the state-of-the-art Vector contour edge banding machine, crafted in New Zealand. This machine excels at gluing, trimming, and scraping in a single pass, with 80kgs of pressure to ensure a minimal glue line and a superior finish. Plus, our two Homag CNC Routers and Hebrock Edgebander from Germany work seamlessly together. We take pride in our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. We embrace innovative technology to deliver outstanding furniture solutions to our valued partners.