About Us

Crafted in Tasmania

Tassie punches above its weight in natural beauty and creative talent, and Acacia is no exception. We boldly push boundaries to sculpt your designs into robust and innovative furniture. This is more than business for us... it's our legacy.

A Team that Cares

Our team totally gets the nitty-gritty of fit-out projects, and we've got your back. We let our coffee go cold to get your quote done, pronto. But it's not just about speed, it's about attention to detail. Nothing slips past the masterful scrutiny of our joiners and admin team when it comes to the finer details of your project.

Delivered On-Time

Unlike your last flight, we'll make sure your delivery is on time. Our production power gives us the flexibility to dovetail with your timelines. Why? Because smashing your expectations is part of our DNA. We're so confident about this that we guarantee a damage-free, on-time delivery. Every. Time. Let us take the headache out of your fit-out schedule.

Three Decades of Experience

When it comes to our relationships with fit-out companies, we go together like Vegemite and toast. Our top-notch craftsmanship and rock-solid 10- year warranty deliver the kind of quality you can stand behind. With over 30 years of experience in the trade, you can trust us to make you look good.